The Ingredients

We strive for the highest quality ingredients available, and there’s no place better than your local Farmer!  Our ingredients are grown on our family farms and local farmers we work with daily, we don’t rely on outsourced ingredients. We use only the best, which is what your birds deserve!


Our corn is USDA grade #1, which is approved for feeding all birds and wildlife. With such high quality you wont have chalky, off colored, or dusty corn.

Grain Sorghum (Milo)

Our Grain Sorghum is USDA grade #1, which insures you the highest quality feed. Our Grain Sorghum is a deep bright red and perfectly sized to attract many types of birds to your backyard.


Our wheat is USDA grade #1, giving it high protein content and a rich tan color many birds recommend!


We use only #1 Millet in our blends, it has a bright white color and round shape, making feeding easy!

Black Oil Sunflowers

Our Black Oil Sunflowers are produced under irrigation, insuring a beautiful shiny black shell and full hearts inside! They are a sure bet for filling your feeder with birds!


Thank you for your interest in Southern Select Wild Bird Food! If you have any further questions about our products contact us anytime at 830.591.0299.