The Facility

Southern Select Wild Bird Food’s facility sits on 60 Acres of land just south of the Texas Hill Country in Uvalde, Texas.  Our facility was originally built as a food grade corn facility (for human consumption) in the 1980s. Those same standards and quality control are still utilized today in our bird food handling and packaging.  Over 30 years the facility has adapted the latest technology and constantly upgraded with the best equipment to provide the highest quality products available.

We have over 100 million pounds of ingredient storage, insuring yearly product supply. All Storage is monitored regularly for insect or rodent issues, insuring quality.

Our packaging and warehouse utilizes over 70,000 sq. ft, enabling us to produce many different products and maintain a vast inventory. We track all inventory to ensure it is fresh when shipped, no bird wants old product! With our 16 dock doors, shipping is not an issue, but rather a priority!

We hold ourselves to high standards and that results in a high quality product. When a product leaves our facility, we know it won’t disappoint!


Thank you for your interest in Southern Select Wild Bird Food! If you have any further questions about our products contact us anytime at 830.591.0299.